Super-Solid Science Songs
by Mr. Walsh © Copyright 2008 Robert T. Walsh. All Rights Reserved

NOTE: Usually, this page is only for Mr. Walsh's students -- BUT right now, anyone who's home from school is free to use them until school starts up again. Teachers, feel free to use while you're doing remote learning with your students.
MR. WALSH IS UPDATING THIS PAGE SO STUDENTS CAN EASILY WORK FROM HOME! So if something seems missing, check back again soon. I'm continuing to work on it!

This is a collection of science songs by Mr. Walsh.
PS19 students are free to listen to them on this web page, to help reinforce what we're learning in science class or just for fun.
The songs may not be reproduced or distributed. Access is granted only to Mr. Walsh's students.

How to use this page:
1. Click on "Cloze" for the song you want to work with.
2. The cloze page will open in a new tab. Print that out.
3. Make sure you have a pen or pencil ready.
4. Come back to this tab and click on "Music" to hear the song.
5. Listen to the song and try to fill in the blanks, using the word bank at the bottom of the cloze page.
NOTE: Instead of pausing the song to write in each word, it's better if you let the song play. You'll probably only be able to write one or two words while the song plays, but that's okay. When it's done, start the song over and try to get two more words. Keep re-listening to the song until you have all the blanks filled in. Then listen to it one more time to check your work! The more times you listen to the song, the more likely the info will stick in your head!

Of course, you can also just listen to the songs and sing along. It's a great way to study: All you have to do is listen and sing!

Q: Hey, Mr. Walsh, what does "cloze" mean?
A: It means "Fill in the blanks." This is the activity we do in science class sometimes, where you listen to the songs and write in the missing words!
Q: Okay, but why is it called "cloze"?
A: What are you asking me for? What do you think I am? A science teacher?!
Q: Yes, actually. As a matter of fact, you ARE a science teacher.
A: Oh. That's right. Okay, I guess I'd better answer then. Cloze is short for "closure," which is a cool thing our brains do. Your brain can make you see something that looks like it's missing, even if it's not really there. It's pretty cool. If you'd like more info on that, click here!

#Song TitleListenReadCloze
1. Adaptations Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
2. It's Called the Water Cycle Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
3. The Matter Song Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
4. Animal Groups Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
5. The Insect Song Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
6. The Meteorology Song Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
7. The Water Cycle Never Ends Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
8. Gravity Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
9. The Metric Song Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
10. The Rock Cycle Blues Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
11. Earth Changes Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
12. Orb Weaver Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
13. Metals Are Conductors Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
14. Parts of Plants Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
15. Sink or Float Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
16. Spelling the Water Cycle Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
17. The Garbage Song Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
18. The Scientific Method Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
19. A Force Is A Push Or A Pull Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
20. Animals' Basic Needs Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
21. Seasonal Adaptations Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
22. Eight Planets Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
23. Temperate Forest Trees Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
24. Simple Machines Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
25. Ecosystems Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
26. Animals Are Living Things Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
27. Heredity Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze
28. Parts of Plants II Music (mp3) Lyrics Cloze

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